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Bluelee Blue α 

The Bluelee Blue α mask is FFP2 (KF-94), which has passed the rigorous tests of various testing and certification bodies including CE Notified Body-KR HELLAS NB 2198.

We produce and ship only the safest and best quality products certified by KC.




• Multilayer protection
• Secure fit
• Adjustable nose clip
• Comfortable earloop design
• Flat fold style for easy transportation

• Size : 205mm x 80mm

• Quantity : 50 pieces/box (each piece individual pauch)

• Made in Korea


• Straps : Elastic Bands
• Nose Clip : PP+Stainless Steel
• Out layer : Polypropylene
• Meltblown : Electrostatically Charged Meltblown Filter
• Inner layer : Polypropylene


MB Filter

High-efficiency static electricity MB filter

A highly efficient static electricity filter blocks up to 94% of microdust and protects the respiratory system from hazardous particles and infection sources.

Ear band

Highly elastic ear bands
Highly elastic ear bands create a comfortable feel and a very close fit

Nose clip

Convenient nose clip

A function-oriented nose clip prevents the mask from sliding down or fogging up glasses.

3D Structure

3D Structure design

A 3D structure means your lips will not touch the inside of the mask, greatly aiding hygiene.

Quadruple Structure

Quadruple structure

Protective quadruple filters efficiently block microdust and various other harmful substances.

Cover band


A three-part foldable structure means that the mask will fit your face and chin closely, providing a comfortable fit..

CE Certificate by KRHELLAS (NB 2198)

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